NFL Odds On Cincinnati Bengals Winning Super Bowl 56

By Hank Blaine

AFC Champion Cincinnati opened as a +3.5 underdog. As of the morning of February 1, the Bengals had climbed to +4. At +4, oddsmakers and Super Bowl handicappers, so far, believe Joe Burrow and his mates will compete with Matthew Stafford and the Rams. Keep reading for against the spread and moneyline NFL odds on the Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl 56 as well as an odds analysis.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl 56 Odds

  • ATS Odds: +4
  • Moneyline Odds:: +173

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Do the Bengals offer fair, underlay, or overlay against the spread odds?

Home teams are often at least -3. So if a team that plays on their field is at +9, it means oddsmakers have made the road squad a 6-point favorite. When it comes to the Super Bowl, we don’t often discuss things in terms of road and home teams. But in this case, the Los Angeles Rams will play on their field at SoFi Stadium. However, the Super Bowl is never a true home game because it’s the NFL Championship.

In this case, expect diehard Bengals’ fans to show up in droves. So if we discount the Rams’ home advantage, what advantages does Los Angeles have? The Rams have a great defensive line. So do the Bengals. The Rams have a terrific quarterback. So does Cincinnati. The Rams have a decent offensive line. Again, so do the Bengals. Los Angeles has few, if any advantages, other than playing on their field.

Does that mean Cincinnati is an overlay at +4? It does. If this were the regular season and the Bengals were about to play the Rams at SoFi after beating the Titans in Tennessee and the Chiefs in Kansas City in back-to-back to games, Cincinnati would be a +3 underdog at best.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl 56 ATS Odds: Overlay

Do the Bengals offer fair, underlay or overlay moneyline odds?

The two teams are much similar than many believe. The difference in ATS odds appears to be because the Rams mustn’t travel to play in the Super Bowl. It’s difficult to understand the difference in moneyline odds. Joe Burrow rallied the Bengals down from 18 points to upset Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

In the week before, Cincinnati beat the 1-seed in the AFC, the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.The Rams had to beat the rival San Francisco 49ers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. LAR could have lost both games. That’s not to say Cincinnati should be favored to beat the Rams. But the odds don’t give the Bengals their due.

The moneyline odds shouldn’t favor Cincy by more than +145, which means Cincinnati is an overlay at +173.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl 56 Moneyline Odds: Overlay

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